Sustainable Design - GMTP Miami Beach
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Sustainable Design


The key to a successful transportation network in any expanding metropolis is sustainability. GMTP has paired cutting edge technology with maintainable and environmentally-sound design to fulfill this need. GMTP’s proposed catenaryless streetcar system is equipped to offer passengers a safe and comfortable trip, while at the same time address important local issues such as flooding, energy efficiency, and pollution.

Alstom’s advanced electric traction motor combined with lighter-weight car designs result in a quiet and energy efficient system, in line with Greater Miami’s efforts to reduce pollution (noise, visual integration, and gas emission). Alstom’s design reduces significantly also the costs and environmental consequences related to regularly having to replace voluminous onboard energy equipment.

GMTP’s technology ensures system reliability, safety and comfort to all passengers. The ground-level power supply system pulls electricity directly from the electrical grid and continuously energizes the modern streetcar through the power supply rail. Utilizing Alstom’s advanced insulation technology, the ground power system is 100% resistant to seawater intrusion and flooding. This design ensures that Miami Beach residents and visitors will receive uninterrupted streetcar service.

Alstom trains are built to operate in climates with severe weather and flood-prone terrain such as Miami Beach. The 100% catenaryless design means that Miami Beach residents and visitors will never have to worry about the transportation network shutting down due to a tropical storm or hurricane knocking down power lines or catenaries at stops. In addition, Alstom streetcars are designed to operate through flooded areas with up to 4 inches of water at street-level.

Appreciating the uniqueness of Miami Beach’s diverse community and ecosystem, GMTP has designed an executable strategy to offer its citizens an alternative comfortable, quiet, energy-efficient mode of transportation that meets the area’s increasing expectations for sustainable, green, and optimized solutions.