NEWS: Archer Western Expands New Orleans' North Rampart/St. Claude Streetcar Line - GMTP Miami Beach
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NEWS: Archer Western Expands New Orleans’ North Rampart/St. Claude Streetcar Line

NEW ORLEANS – New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (NORTA) has restored transportation service to the city’s North Rampart/St. Claude streetcar line. Constructed by Archer Western, this new $40 million transit line expands 1.6 miles along the edge of the French Quarter and through New Orleans’ historic neighborhoods.

Archer Western relocated 9,500 linear feet of utilities, along with asphalt and concrete restoration, and traffic signalization upgrades. In addition, 3.2 miles of overhead catenary system (OCS) were installed and six new streetcar stops were constructed.

Archer Western also worked with NORTA, the New Orleans Department of Public Works, New Orleans Parks and Parkways and the New Orleans Sewerage and Water board to install a “Half Grand Union,” a piece of special track that allows the streetcars to maneuver from Canal Street to North Rampart Street in the French Quarter. A previous “Half Grand Union” installed in New Orleans at Canal Street and Elk Place was installed by Archer Western in four months. On this project, Archer Western installed the “Half Grand Union” at Canal Street and North Rampart in 30 days. The task was carefully planned and executed, as construction crews worked around the clock to meet the project schedule.

“Our team was dedicated over the past 18 months to deliver a historic project to the City of New Orleans. This project restored streetcar service to a portion of the city that had been without it for more than 40 years,” said Project Manager Wade Foster, “The North Rampart Streetcar not only serves as transportation for the local tourism industry, but also serves as transportation for the residents of the city’s 9th Ward and Bywater District.”

A unique aspect of the project was incorporating historic elements to match the aesthetic of the neighborhood. The 41 existing light poles were removed, sandblasted, refurbished and repainted; 96 new OCS poles and streetlights were fabricated to match the historic poles. A uniformed look was created by alternating original and new light poles along the streetcar line.