GMTP Miami - Miami Beach Modern Streetcar Project
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Who We Are

About GMTP

As a growing metropolis and world-class destination, Greater Miami is too often plagued with deadlocked traffic and insufficient public transportation. Greater Miami Tramlink Partners (GMTP) was formed by global leaders in rail transportation, which have joined together to propose a modern and catenaryless (100% wireless) streetcar system that is economically sustainable, environmentally friendly, respectful of the city’s underlying aesthetics, and suitable for Miami Beach’s unique culture. With the support of local residents and businesses, GMTP will leverage their decades of experience designing, constructing, and operating similar modern catenaryless streetcar systems to expand public transportation in South Florida.



NEWS: Amtrak's Acela Express Replacement Arriving In 2021

Forbes – While Amtrak has previously said that an Acela Express EXPR +3.17% replacement was on the way, commonly referred to as Acela 2, few details were set in stone. On Friday, Amtrak and partner Alstom revealed the initial details for the Northeast Corridor’s high

The Partners

Our Expertise



Alstom will supply the streetcars and related railway systems and will be ensuring their maintenance.

Archer Western

Archer Western, a nationally recognized construction expert, will serve as the lead contractor.

InfraRed Capital Partners

InfraRed Capital Markets is the lead investor behind the contemporary streetcar system.


Serco will serve as the primary hands-on operator, focused entirely on the customer experience to ensure and enrich service quality, reliability, frequency, passenger information, and accessibility to all.


Jacobs is the lead engineering firm engaged to work in concert with the Alstom and Archer Western.

Walsh Investors L.L.C.

Walsh Investors L.L.C. is an equity investor in the proposed transportation project.